Find Bedbugs

What, When and Where

So you think you may have bedbugs? It can be an emotionally stressful thought. You can call a local pest control company that will search for bedbugs and perform a bedbug extermination if necessary. Bedbug exterminators can be expensive, but sometimes it is the only way to get rid of an infestation.

This section will describe what bedbugs are and include photos of the insects and their bites. Tips and techniques for when, where and how to find bedbugs will be presented. Don't be ashamed. Bedbugs want blood. They don't care if your house is clean or dirty.

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Kill Bedbugs

Exterminators, Products and Treatments

house centipede

House centipedes love to feast on bedbugs.

So you want to get rid of bedbugs? From professional bedbug exterminators and pesticide sprays to home treatments and natural bedbug remedies, this section will teach you how to kill bedbugs.

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Love Bedbugs

Learn to live with them?

The problem is spreading rapidly. Bugs are developing resistance to pesticides. Bedbugs can live for up to a year without a blood meal in a hotel wall or behind the wooden trim of a bedroom. Should we freak out? It may be that we will have to learn to live with these little parasites. In the end, bedbug control could center around making ourselves inaccessible and our homes uninhabitable.

Most importantly, learn how to avoid bringing the thirsty vampires into your home in the first place.

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Latest News

Bedbugs Carry Harmful Bacteria

Canadian scientists have found dangerous bacteria being carried by bedbugs. Maybe it is time for more action from governments?
Bedbug Bacteria


Bedbugs Beating Pesticides

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal, bedbugs are rapidly becoming resistant to pesticides.
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Bedbugs in School

Bedbug cases doubling in New York schools each year.
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Howard Stern’s Bedbugs

Howard Stern became one of the first celebrities to admit to having a bedbug infestation when he announced it on his radio show.
Stern Story


Bedbug Pheromones

Researchers have discovered that they can affect bedbug mating by using a pheromone produced by bedbug nymphs. This pheromone discourages males from mating with nymphs. One can imagine the usefulness of this discovery in controlling bedbug populations.
LiveScience Story